Redefine Sizing


educe Returns

Empower your shoppers with a personalised AI-powered size recommendation engine. Get valuable insights into shopper demographics backed by Qroda’s Big Data.


3 out of 4 shoppers have returned at least one item bought online due to poor fit in their buying history, and half of them would not buy the same brand again online.

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Size chart is a thing of the past

That’s where Qroda comes in.

Introducing QMate

Fastest Size Recommender

QMate is an easy-to-use and accurate size recommender. It uses simple data inputs from the shopper and provides personalised size recommendation in 3 to 6 clicks. This means, shopper receives recommendation in less than 10 seconds.

Fastest Size Recommender

Shopper spends less than 10 seconds to receive a size recommendation

Intuitive User Experience

Highly optimised for an intuitive and smooth user interaction

Easy Integration

Two lines of code needed for integration into an independent online shop. Platform based shops can install the QMate plugin/app

Customizable Widget

Logo, Color and Font of the widget can be easily customized to provide consistent e-commerce brand experience to the shoppers

Recommendation Reusability

Shopper uses QMate once and receives automatic size recommendation thereon

Power of AI & Big Data

Advanced AI model that provides fast and accurate recommendation backed by Big Data of real human body measurements

How to Integrate?

Independent Online Shops

Integrating QMate into your online shop is seamless. Our modular SDK is designed to build-into your platform effortlessly. Just add two lines of code to get the job done.

Platform Dependent Online Shops

Install the QMate plugin if you are using any e-commerce platform like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, etc to get started.

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